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Welcome to the Israeli web site
for patents and inventions
This web site is intended for the free advertising of inventions
from Israel and around the world.

This website is being promoted on the internet with the intention of assisting Israeli inventors and inventors from around the world to find investors to bring their work to fruition and global marketing.

As aforesaid, advertising on this website is free which is the contribution by Nufar Natural Products that has taken up the challenge of helping inventors from around the world to realize their inventions and in this way to assist global technological developments that break all boundaries and that strengthen more widespread commercial contacts between Israel and the rest of the world.

 Scientific Adviser: Mr. Aviv Solodoch, Physics MSc,
                       by Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel.

The web site’s legal counsel is advocate Yaniv Boker, The Azrielli Towers, The Triangular Building, 28th floor, Tel Aviv. Tel.: 03-6955644



Site regulations
The inventions registered on the web site are at the decision and the responsibility of the advertisers-inventors only.

The inventions advertised on the website have probably been patented or a patent applied for and it is quite probable that they have not yet been registered with the Patents Registrar. The responsibility for checking this matter, as well as for checking any other financial or legal matter, rests with the buyer and investor interested in purchasing an invention or in investing therein.

The originality of the invention and the ownership thereto must be checked by potential purchasers and investors prior to any acquisition or investment.

At the time of submitting the written invention to the website, the inventor-advertiser declares that he, the writer, is the sole owner of the rights to a patent or to an invention.

Nufar Natural Products and the company’s owners are not responsible, either directly or indirectly, for the content of what is advertised on behalf of the inventor or as regards the state of the patent or its originality or in regard to any other matter that is advertised by the inventor, and full responsibility for the advertisement rests with the inventor himself.

Both the inventors who advertise their inventions here as well as investors and purchasers of various kinds accept all of the rules stipulated in these regulations. Any financial or legal activity undertaken by them in connection with the inventions that are advertised on Nufar’s patents website is at their sole responsibility and therefore they may not make any claim against Nufar Natural Products nor its owners in connection with this.

Should any inventor discover that his invention has been posted on the web site by another inventor, he may request Nufar Natural Products in writing to remove said advertisement. "Nufar Natural Products" shall remove said advertisement from the website within 14 days and this will terminate their responsibility.

Under such circumstances, any new inventor claiming ownership over an invention, may not claim against "Nufar" in respect of advertising the invention, as said advertisement was undertaken, as aforesaid, at the cognizance and own responsibility of the advertiser-inventor only.

Inventors may, at their own responsibility, advertise the invention on the web site in a general and not in a detailed way and without divulging any confidential particulars that are liable to encourage the fraudulent copying and use of the invention.

Enforcing instances of a breach of your rights as a writer and/or as an inventor of an invention is at your personal and sole responsibility, and "Nufar" is not a party thereto.

"Nufar" reserves its exclusive right not to advertise any particular invention, and also "Nufar" shall be permitted to remove immediately from the web site any invention that was advertised without requiring to provide any explanations whatsoever. In both the above circumstances, the inventor/advertiser shall not be entitled to claim anything whatsoever against "Nufar".

As this website is part of the marketing website for "Nufar Natural Products", Nufar is permitted to place advertisements beside your invention on the web site.

Owners of inventions who advertise for free on our website are not entitled to make any claim whatsoever on any matter against "Nufar Natural Products" and/or against the company’s owners in connection with advertising their invention or regarding the way the web site is run, the promotion of the web site, etc.

Any legal claim against "Nufar" and/or the owners of the company, should there be any, shall be brought before an Israeli court only in the city of Rehovot in Israel.

The web site’s legal counsel is advocate Yaniv Boker, The Azrielli Towers, The Triangular Building, 28th floor, Tel Aviv. Tel.: 03-6955644

To advertise your invention free on our patents web site, according to the provisions of these regulations, please apply to Nufar Natural Products:
Email: Tel.: +972-8-9358135
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