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Rambo-Line - Pea Protein Powder

Enlarged Packaging: 850 gr.

Suitable for athletes, sportsmen, vegans, vegetarians, and for the general public.

Helps to feel full and reach satiety; helps to tone the body; and to improve the appearance of the skin; most recommended to take as part of a proper nutrition and exercise.

The only pea protein powder without cholesterol, without sugar and without sugar substitutes, without preservatives and without food coloring.


Contains 27 grams of protein per serving (33 grams of pea protein powder).

Contains BCAA amino acids that are important for post-workout muscle recovery and building.

Contains all 9 amino acids essential for the body.

Instructions and suggestions:

You can stir and drink with water, orange juice, fruit smoothie or almond milk. And even with coffee. The protein whitens the coffee and a delicious drink similar to coffee with milk is obtained. Can be added to soups, spreads and various stews.

Further information about the product can be found below

The stated above does not constitute a medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider with any question or concerns you have on your medical condition.

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Zvia’s testimonial

About a year ago, my 101-year-old mother needed extra protein due to edema. Whey protein is not an option when you are not allowed to eat dairy products. Soy wasn't good for her, nor for me, so I chose the pea protein and the results were good, her protein levels increased. I took it too by the way. Then she needed extra protein again, and so did I. And this time I did not have to choose, the decision was clear. I'm 71, vegan and have some protein deficiency, so it's good to have a way of making up for the deficiencies in the healthiest manner. Also, the service is excellent.

Zvia Ran 

Why is everyone around you drinking protein powder?

Benefits of protein powder, and especially: natural pea protein


In recent years the world of sports has taken a central place in the daily lifestyle of more and more people around the world. Today, training and exercise is an integral part of our lives. The expansion of the sportive lifestyle also includes other phenomena: sports fashion has taken a place of honor in clothing stores. And changes in dietary habits — beyond a diet based on nutrients and focused on body health, toning and strengthening muscle mass — have already entered the daily routine of many around the world.


One of the major food groups that gets a central role in the daily diet is protein. Protein plays a major role in muscle regeneration and building. It is built of small units arranged in long chains one after the other. Each unit is called an amino acid. In total, there are twenty amino acids in the human body, which we consume from food. Amino acids are divided into two main groups:


1.     Non-essential amino acids - which the body is able to produce by itself, especially in the liver cells, and therefore we do not have to get them from food.

2.      Essential amino acids- There are nine amino acids called essential amino acids because the body cannot produce them by itself and therefore it needs to get them through nutrition. Of these, there are three "branched chain" amino acids (BCAA) that make up more than a third of the protein found in human muscle tissue. Their uniqueness is due to, among other things, the fact that they are being processed mainly within the muscle itself, in contrast to other amino acids that are being processed in the liver. Dietary sources rich in these amino acids include dairy products, eggs, fish, poultry, meat and protein powder.


In an age where awareness of exercise and a healthy lifestyle is rising, but the time devoted to them is declining — e.g., due to long hours of work and transportation by vehicles — it is not surprising that store shelves are regularly filled with various protein powders. These powders provide a ready-to-eat portion of protein and thus save valuable time and are a convenient solution for people who are unable to eat all the daily amount of protein they need to build and strengthen their muscles.

Indeed, protein powder has become a hot trend among those who work out at the gym in recent years. But just as sports fashion and healthy eating have traveled beyond the realm of sports and gyms, so has protein powder entered the menu of people who do not exercise regularly and sometimes not at all. This is because protein plays a critical role not only in building muscle, but also in building and improving the function of tissues and other organs in the body. These virtues make protein an essential ingredient in the diet at many stages in life: in infancy and early childhood with rapid growth and development, in adolescence with height growth and increasing muscle mass, in older ages to maintain muscle mass, and in case of various injuries or diseases for faster body recovery.


With the increase in the consumption of protein powders, a market of different types of powders has developed. The important criteria for choosing a natural and healthy protein powder include not only the ingredients that the product contains, but also, as important, the ingredients that the product does not contain: it is recommended to buy protein powder without cholesterol, without sugar, without sugar substitutes, without preservatives and without food coloring.


Nufar's pea protein provide these needs. It is rich in protein which contains all the amino acids required for the healthy and balanced functioning of the body. And it does not contain cholesterol, preservatives, sugar, food coloring and flavorings. All of these make the product an especially healthy choice that is suitable for many consumers: exercisers, young people, adults, recovering from injuries, vegetarians and vegans.


Benefits of Nufar's Pea Protein:

·         27 grams of pea protein per serving

·         A protein that has undergone an isolation process and contains very little fat and carbohydrates and zero sugar

·         The product contains all nine essential amino acids

·         High concentration of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs)

·         The product does not contain cholesterol

·         Does not contain preservative

·         Does not contain flavorings and food coloring

·         No artificial sweeteners

·         Free of allergens

·         Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

·         Helps to  maximum recovery after training

The protein powder can be consumed in a variety of different ways, for example: add to your orange juice or other squeezed fruit, combine with a smoothie containing fruit and/or animal or vegetable milk, add to your soup or oatmeal, and more.



The stated above does not constitute a medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider with any question or concerns you have on your medical condition.

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