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NASHIT - Woman For Ever

NASHIT - Woman For Ever


Woman for ever


60 Herbal capsules, no preservatives, no color additives.


Asparagus root (Indian Shtwari), Amalaki extract (Indian plant), Chaste Tree extract, Angelica extract, Clover Red extract, Selenium.

Herbs known as assisting in the natural treatment of perimenopause symptoms.

These plants are known to help the natural female hormonal system. They help prevent the side effects of perimenopause like hot flashes, dryness and more.

The Shatwari and Amalaki are plants that are known as helpful in increasing female libido.

Selenium is a mineral and an antioxidant, known for its assistance in delaying cell aging and preventing hair loss.

Further information about the product, including scientific references, can be found below

The stated above does not constitute a medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider with any question or concerns you have on your medical condition.

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Osnat's testimonial

I have been using Nofar's "NASHIT" over the past two years.

I was looking for a natural product that would alleviate the side effects of perimenopause, and I was positively surprised.

Capsules of natural plants that definitely improved my quality of life and quality of night sleep, one capsule a day and the hot flashes are almost completely gone.

I highly recommend the product ‘NASHIT’ of Nufar Natural Products, for anyone who wishes to go through perimenopause calmly.

Another advantage: a blue-and-white [made in Israel] product

Osnat G.

(The Full name is kept in Nufar company for confidentiality)

Sivan's testimonial

To Nufar Company

A few months ago I bought your NASHIT product.

I got a recommendation through my Facebook friends, I did not believe... but I said to myself I will try this product – what's the worst that could happen.

My hormones are bad anyway, my body system is weak, obese and not going down, my metabolism is slow, so to get worse… no way.

I took Nashit almost two months, I did not believe the results. The fatigue was gone, I have became light-footed and could not believe I had the strength to do sports.

I do not know of the ingredients in the capsules, but thank God I feel better.

I had to write to you for more girls in menopause will enjoy the supplement and won't suffer from the side effects of menopause.

Of course, I recommended to my friends and sisters, they all bought it... when they saw the results.

So anyone who wants to talk to me about “NASHIT” I would be happy to talk.

Sivan Fisher


Menopause begins in women aged 40 and over. At this age, the levels of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone begin to decline. As a result, disturbances in menstrual cycles begin and then cessation of menstruation with the following prevalent symptoms: vaginal dryness, bone mass loss, hot flashes and night sweats, insomnia, fatigue, mood swings, decreased libido, vaginal infections, urinary tract infections, obesity, weakness and muscle wasting. Loss of elasticity of skin, muscles and joints, bones weaken and thin and become more brittle.

For our protection, it is recommended at this age, as well as at any other age, to avoid overweight, to start regular exercise, to eat foods based on vegetables, fruits, and whole grains rich in dietary fibers, as well as plenty of foods rich in vitamins and minerals, including calcium. In addition, smokers are advised to quit smoking.

Nashit Contains:

Asparagus root (Indian Shtwari), Amalaki extract (Indian plant), Chaste Tree extract, Angelica extract, Clover Red extract, Selenium.

The following is a summary of a study on the Chaste Tree also found in Nashit

Scientific evidence on Chaste Tree and menopause symptoms

NASHIT Contains the Chaste Tree plant (Chasteberry/Agnus Castus). This plant is also known to help, among other things, with women’s symptoms of menopause.

An article published in 1997 in the journal Pharmacotherap reviewed the effect of the Chaste Tree on menopausal symptoms. The article noted that this plant is widely offered for menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes. It stimulates the functioning of the pituitary gland, alters LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) secretions, and increases natural levels of the progesterone hormone. It is considered the best herb to maintain emotional balance during menopause, as well as before and during menstrual days, and is very popular in Europe in treating menopausal symptoms and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Chaste Tree is also said to help reducing excessive bleeding, given its contribution to the production of the hormone progesterone. Some consider it a "natural alternative for estrogen replacement therapy."

Another article published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2009, and reviewed scientific evidence on the effects of Chaste Tree on menopausal symptoms, cited a number of studies.

The first study, which examined 23 women reported improvement in the subjects' mood, vasomotor, sleep and dysfunctional uterine bleeding, and to a lesser extent, cognitive and sexual improvements. Several women even reported reinstatement of regular menstruation.

The second study examined 52 women in the ages of 38 to 73. After taking a daily dosage of 2.5 ml for three months, 33% reported major improvement and 36% reported mild to moderate improvement in troublesome symptom. The most substantial improvements were observed in emotional symptoms, night sweats, hot flushes and in moderation of menstruation. Notably, however, the researchers have mentioned that these results should be taken with caution given the fact that this study did not include a control group. 

However, in a third study—a randomly controlled trial that did include a control group—showed that a treatment with Chaste Tree treatment as part of a herbal formulation had positive effects on menopausal symptoms. This research examined fifty women (44-65 years old) and showed that the treatment brought about a 35% decrease in hot flashes and a 40% decrease in night sweats after three months of treatment and compared to the control group.  


[1] Israel, D., & Youngkin, E. Q. (1997). Herbal therapies for perimenopausal and menopausal complaints. Pharmacotherapy: The Journal of Human Pharmacology and Drug Therapy, 17(5), 970-984.

[2] Van Die, M. D., Burger, H. G., Teede, H. J., & Bone, K. M. (2009). Vitex agnus-castus (Chaste-Tree/Berry) in the treatment of menopause-related complaints. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 15(8), 853-862.

The stated above does not constitute a medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider with any question or concerns you have on your medical condition.

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