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For the Prostate




Contains – Zinc (Zn) 25 mg (Approximately 53% of the recommended daily dosage); Soya protein 20 mg; Lycopen 1 mg; Polygonum Multiflorum 24 mg; Saw plamentto 100 mg; Opuntia flowers 150 mg.


Each pack contains 60 capsules


Instructions: 1 -2 capsules per day, after meals.

Further information about the product, including scientific references, can be found below

The stated above does not constitute a medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider with any question or concerns you have on your medical condition.  

Price : $43

Information about the natural ingredients in Prosa-Dan:


Zinc helps the prostate contract by stopping the process of changing the hormone testosterone.


Saw plamentto inhibits the enzyme that changes testosterone and thus helps stop the growth process in the prostate.


Lycopen is the strongest natural anti-oxidant of all the anti-oxidants existing in nature.

Research done in recent years show that Lycopen reduces the risk of suffering from heart diesease and several kinds of cancer, especially prostate cancer.

It was also discovered that regular consumption of Lycopen reverses the growth of the prostate gland and even decreases its size.

In addition, Lycopen protects the body from calcification of the arteries by reducing the accumulation of cholesterol on arterial walls.


Opuntia flowers effectively help cleanse the urinary tract, fight inflammation and reduce the risk of kidney stones, which are part of the complications that result from enlarged prostate and disorders of complete emptying of the bladder.


Polygonum Multiflorum: The Polygonum Multiflorum is anti-inflammatory, effective in helping against urinary tract inflammation, urinary tract constipation and reduces the chance of developing cancerous tumors.



The stated above does not constitute a medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider with any question or concerns you have on your medical condition.  




Shimon’s testimonial

Subject: A letter of thanks and appreciation

Dear Nufar natural Products

I am Shimon Malka, 64-years old. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with hypertension, borderline diabetes and an enlarged prostate.

I was exposed to Nufar products following my wife who was diagnosed with borderline cholesterol and started treatment with Nufar's Cholesteren (tea brew, twice a day). When she repeated the blood tests it turned out that the bad cholesterol decreased and the good one increased, so she did not have to take pills.

I purchased PROSTA DONE for the prostate twice a day and saw that the results of the values did not increase, thank God. I also started drinking the Pressure Tea for blood pressure and thank goodness I am now balanced. Notably, I take blood pressure pills, but I feel really good and balanced.

It was important to me to write this recommendation for everyone who needs it. I also didn't believe until I saw my wife's results, and then my own. It is very important to go to the physician for treatment and at the same time to add natural treatment with Nufar's products, which work and balance.

And for all of that, many thanks.

Shimon Malka     

Yoel's testimonial

June 28, 2018


I would like to share with you my story.

For many years, I have been suffering from prostate problems.

In December 2017, I was rushed to the emergency room with almost complete urinary retention.

I started taking two PROSTA DONE pills (every day). At once, after three weeks, to my great surprise, I am now experiencing a urine flow I have not had for years! The cramps disappeared. My life are back to normality.

I thought I'd share with you my story, for the sake of other men who suffer from a similar problem.

Best regards,

Yoel Miller

David Kapah's review

Enlarged Prostate

By David Kapah, Herbalist


The prostate covers part of the urethra and secretes fluid added to the seminal fluid coming out of the testicles.

From the age of fifty, there are changes in the male hormonal system and the prostate begins to grow. The growth process is natural and probably related to the variable ratio between the male hormone testosterone and the female hormone estrogen. Over a certain size, which varies from person to person, the prostate may interfere with the proper functioning of the bladder. This enlargement presses and partially blocks the bladder neck, which interferes with the process of complete drainage of the urine (and so people have to get up several times a night to urinate), weak flow, irritation, and, more rarely, blood in the urine, urinary tract infections and the formation of a stone in the bladder.

Enlargement of the prostate also causes erection problems and a decrease of approximately 40 percent in sexual activity. The muscle tension in the neck of the bladder and prostate glands increases and cholesterol accumulates and sinks in it, which also causes it to further increase.

Western medicine treats prostatitis in two ways that aim to reduce it and relieve pressure from the urethra.

One way is a surgery in which part of the prostate blocking the urethra is removed (this impairs the ejaculation mechanism and causes a decrease in the amount of ejaculated sperm and fertility). The second way is to give medications, which are not always effective.

Complementary medicine offers a variety of solutions to the prostate problem. Here are some of them: a balanced diet and relaxation from the stress and pressures that surround us; Acupuncture by a qualified therapist; The Paula Method, which strengthens the annular muscles, including the muscles that surround the prostate; as well as herbs whose effect has been proven in many cases.

Recently, the Israeli company Nufar came to aid those suffering from an enlarged prostate and developed a product called 'PROSTA DONE' in capsules intended to treat the problem and prevent its deterioration.

Each capsule contains the following plants and ingredients: Zinc (Zn), Soya protein, Lycopene, Polygonum Multiflorum, Saw palmetto, and Opuntia flowers.

Zinc contributes to the contraction of the prostate to reasonable dimensions by altering the hormone testosterone and helps to stop the process of prostate growth. Lycopene is a very powerful antioxidant. Medical studies have found that it reduces the risk of developing various types of cancer and especially prostate cancer. Taking it regularly (see my book 'Natural' (in Hebrew), Part II, p. 51) caused a regression in the growth of the prostate and its reduction.

Opuntia is effective for cleansing the urinary tract and preventing inflammation and kidney stones.

Polygonum is an anti-inflammatory plant that prevents urinary tract constipation and reduces the chance of developing cancerous tumors.


Information on Prostate Gland Enlargement

Men from the age 50 and above tend to suffer from disturbances in their normal urination pattern because of an enlarged prostate gland.


Symptoms of the prostate: 


·         Frequent urination day and night.

·         The feeling of pressure while urinating

·         Dripping after urination

·         Problems with sexual functioning


50% of men over the age of 50 suffer from an enlarged prostate. From the age of 50, the prostate, which is the "prostate gland," begins to grow uncontrollably as a result of hormonal changes. The hormone "testosterone" changes its shape and activity and causes an enlargement of the prostate gland. This enlargement compresses and partially blocks the bladder neck. There is a disturbance in the process of emptying the urine, the flow is weakened, it is not possible to completely empty the bladder, which makes people to get up several times a night to urinate. As a result of improper urination, the risk of urinary tract infections and kidney damage increases.


Enlargement of the prostate also causes erection problems and a decrease of about 45% in sexual activity.


Muscle tension (called muscle "tone") in the bladder neck and prostate gland increases. The greater tone in the bladder neck and prostate also adds to the disorder of regular bladder emptying.

Cholesterol accumulation and sedimentation in the prostate gland also contributes to the enlargement of the prostate, pressure on the bladder and preventing the bladder from emptying.


In severe cases of prostate enlargement, surgical intervention is required.

Prostate enlargement can be both benign and malignant.

In Israel, about 1,500 cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed each year.

The stated above does not constitute a medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider with any question or concerns you have on your medical condition.  

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