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Gludan Tea

Gludan Tea

Gludan Tea

(Previous name: Glucodan tea)

100% natural ingredients, no caffeine, no preservatives,

No food coloring, no artificial flavor extracts


Salvia Fruticosa, Stevia Rebaudiana, Olive leaves, Eucalyptus Globolus, Cymbopogon citratus (Lemon Grass), Lemon Verbena, Gymnama Sylvestris, Inula Helenium (Elecampane).

These plants are known to help as a natural treatment for lowering sugar.


Gludan tea contains herbs for infusion, including the naturally sweet "stevia" plant.


From now on you can drink a natural tea without sugar, without artificial ingredients, and with less than half a calory in a cup of beverage.



2-3 cups per day after meals.


Further information about the product, including scientific references, can be found below

The stated above does not constitute a medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider with any question or concerns you have on your medical condition.  

Price : $30



Rachel’s testimonial

Hello Nufar company

My name is Rachel Mualem, a few months ago my blood sugar increased to 114.

After I started using your GLUDAN-2 teas, the blood-sugar level started to go down and after two months it reached 94.

I would also note that all along that time period and even now I have not abstained from sweet foods at all.

For that, you deserve high praise.


Rachel Mualem.

Varda’s testimonial

Dear Nofar Company,

Customer Service

Here are the results of the significant improvement in my sugar levels over the past three months, after avoiding sweets and taking GLUDAN twice a day.

On 08.03.2017

GLUCOSE: 142    HBA1C: 7.1%

On 20.07.2017

GLUCOSE: 108    HBA1C: 6.4%


With gratitude,

Varda Levy

Moshe’s testimonial


I am happy to note that I use Liquorice + DGL extract from Nofar Company, 1 capsule a day, as well as one glass of GLUDAN herbal tea from Nufar company.

I am finally balanced from levels of 130-150 to 97-105.

Definitely highly recommended.

Moshe Moskowitz

Dor Dorit’s testimonial

Dear Nufar Natural Products


My name is Dor Dorit Lavie, and I suffer from type 2 diabetes for almost 10 years. About 5-6 years ago I discovered your tea " Glucodan" for maintaining sugar levels, and even though I am usually a skeptic, I decided to try it. I have seen over the years that when I use the tea after a meal, my sugar levels decease after two hours. There was a time when I did not find the product and then the sugar level, which is measured once every three months, was higher. I also give the product from time to time to the people who tell me they or one of their family members suffer from diabetes, and they report to me similar positive results.

About half a year ago I also discovered your Stevia sweetener [Nufar - “Sweet & Slim”] and it is wonderful as well. Your brew has reduced my need for sweets. I sweeten almost every drink with your stevia.

I wanted to say thank you for your work. Glucodan and Stevia [Nufar - “Sweet & Slim”] are accessible and easy to use.

Thanks for your help in keeping my sugar levels low.

A day filled with light

(p.s. If diabetics ask you "does it work?" You can give them my cell phone and I would be happy to recommend.)

Dor Dorit Lavie


Zechariah’s testimonial


I was happy to discover "Glucodan" tea and even more given that my wife went into the pharmacy for a completely different purpose and inquired about this product. And even more for the fact that she managed to convince me to buy it and test whether what the pharmacist said is true, that "Glucodan is the discovery of the century." I told myself, "that couldn't hurt, worst case scenario it wouldn't help." And there, I came to realize that Glucodan is really, very good. I followed the instructions written on the product's label—"after every meal, drink a cup of Glucden tea." I also learned that it stimulates and relieves fatigue.

For others to enjoy this good, I've spread the word to neighbors and friends, and they all confirmed the positive effects I revealed.

It is said in the Torah "And he shall provide for healing," Therefore, permission was granted to heal. And may this product provide a cure for every patient.

The only problem with the product is its price, but on the other hand, it is worth every price.

Thank you,

Zechariah Tanami

Ettel’s testimonial

To whom it may concern 

Dear Sir/Lady

I am a type 2 Diabetic. I began using Glucodan a few months ago. I noticed an improvement in my blood sugar level.

I would like to recommend it to others with the same problem. The components are herbs only.

Try it and see! 



David’s testimonial

Dear Nufar company,

My name is David Tambour, I'm 82 years old.

I wholeheartedly recommend your product Gludan Tea, which I use every day for years.

It helps me feel good and stay healthy.

Without your product I feel bad.

I recommend the product to anyone who suffers from diabetes, or borderline diabetes.


David Tambour

2 Rambam Street, Bnei Brak

Gludan Tea Contains:

Salvia Fruticosa, Stevia Rebaudiana, Olive leaves, Eucalyptus Globolus, Cymbopogon citratus (Lemon Grass), Lemon Verbena, Gymnama Sylvestris, Inula Helenium (Elecampane).

The following is a summary of studies on the olive leaves also found in Gludan Tea

Scientific studies on olive leaves and type 2 diabetes

The leaves and fruits of the olive tree have been used as a traditional medicine in Europe and in the Middle East for many years and in various forms – as extracts, powder, herbal teas or oil.

In a study published in the Journal of Medicinal Foods in 2012, researchers conducted a randomized controlled trial to examine the effect of consumption of olive leaves on blood sugar balance in type 2 diabetics. The researchers randomly divided the 79 subjects into two groups — the treatment group that received a daily dose of 500 mg of olive leaf extract in tablets for three and a half months, and the control group that received a placebo in the same dose. The results of the experiment showed that the blood sugar level of the subjects in the treatment group was significantly lower than the blood sugar level of the subjects in the control group. Based on evidence from testing sand rats in the lab, the researchers argued that olive leaves may lower human blood sugar levels by the reduction of starch digestion and absorption.

The virtues of the olive tree were also examined in a study published in 2017 in the journal Nutrition & Diabetes. This study is a meta-analysis, that is, a statistical analysis that integrates and examines many previous studies on a specific phenomenon. The study examined the effect of olive oil consumption on type 2 diabetes in 29 experiments and in another large sample that included 15,784 diabetics. One finding indicated a 16% reduction in the risk of developing diabetes through consumption of olive oil. Another finding showed that, among diabetics, consuming olive oil significantly lowers blood sugar levels and improves insulin functioning. Based on these findings, among others, the researchers concluded that consuming olive oil is beneficial for the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes.



[1] Schwingshackl, L., Lampousi, A.M., Portillo, M.P., Romaguera, D., Hoffmann, G. and Boeing, H., 2017. Olive oil in the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes mellitus: a systematic review and meta-analysis of cohort studies and intervention trials. Nutrition & diabetes, 7(4), pp.e262-e262.

[2] Wainstein, J., Ganz, T., Boaz, M., Bar Dayan, Y., Dolev, E., Kerem, Z. and Madar, Z., 2012. Olive leaf extract as a hypoglycemic agent in both human diabetic subjects and in rats. Journal of medicinal food, 15(7), pp.605-610.

The following is a summary of studies on Stevia, which is one of the ingridients in Gludan Tea. 

Stevia leaves for sweetening and weight loss - findings from randomized controlled trials

The stevia plant originates in the rainforests of South America and is known as the "sweet medicinal plant of Paraguay". Stevia leaves are sweet and free of calories and sugar. Therefore, people with diabetes increasingly use stevia for sweetening. Moreover, the use of natural stevia leaves has no side effects, in contrast to the side effects that may exist in various artificial sweeteners.

Because of these properties, many people around the world choose to sweeten their drinks and food using stevia leaves instead of sugar in order to lose weight. But are stevia leaves really able to help with weight loss?

A recent study published in the journal Nutrients examined this question using a randomized controlled trial. The researchers recruited 28 patients and randomly divided them into two groups. The treatment group received stevia leaf extract on a daily basis, while the control group did not receive the treatment. The researchers followed both groups for 12 weeks. At the end of the period, the researchers found a statistically significant difference between the two groups: the patients in the control group gained weight, while the patients in the treatment group who consumed the stevia leaves on a daily basis maintained their weight. Since this is a randomized controlled trial, it can be determined with a particularly high level of confidence that the lower weight among the subjects in the treatment group is a direct result of the consumption of stevia leaves. The researchers concluded that stevia helps maintain weight.[1]

Another study, published in The Journal of Nutrition in 2020, examined how consuming a beverage sweetened with stevia, compared to other sweeteners based on glucose or sucrose, affects appetite and satiety. The researchers randomly assigned subjects to receive various beverages before their lunch without knowing what type of beverage they were consuming. In order to measure the subjects' appetite, the researchers asked the subjects to rate their appetite on a scale ranging from 0 to 100. The results of the experiment showed that the consumption of the beverage sweetened with stevia caused a decrease in short-term appetite and a feeling of satiety compared to the consumption of beverages sweetened with sugar.[2]

The findings from these two experiments provide strong and clear evidence that the stevia plant not only does not contain calories, but also contributes to a feeling of satiety and helps with weight loss.



[1] Stamataki, N.S., Crooks, B., Ahmed, A. and McLaughlin, J.T., 2020. Effects of the Daily Consumption of Stevia on Glucose Homeostasis, Body Weight, and Energy Intake: A Randomised Open-Label 12-Week Trial in Healthy Adults. Nutrients, 12(10), p.3049.

[2] Stamataki, N.S., Scott, C., Elliott, R., McKie, S., Bosscher, D. and McLaughlin, J.T., 2020. Stevia beverage consumption prior to lunch reduces appetite and total energy intake without affecting glycemia or attentional bias to food cues: A double-blind randomized controlled trial in healthy adults. The Journal of Nutrition150(5), pp.1126-1134.


Information about the natural ingredients in Gludan Tea:

Stevia: reduces sugar levels in the blood by operating and rehabilitating the pancreas. In addition it decreases the body`s resistance to insulin.

The Stevia has a sweet taste but because the stevioside doesn’t digest in our body, it has no calories and in addition it doesn’t increases the sugar levels in the blood.

Salvia Fruticosa – lowers blood sugar levels. Contains Flavenoids which are functioning as Anti-oxidants.

The Salvia is effective against infections; it has an Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial activity, diuretic.

Should not be used by Pregnant and Nursing Woman.


Olive Leaves – Reduces blood sugar levels.

Contains Flavenoids which are necessary for the maintenance of the Capillary Blood vessels and for the protection of the Diabetics problematic blood vessels.

The Anti-oxidants which are in the olive leaves, delays Arteriosclerosis and heart diseases.

Inula Helenium – contains Polysaccharide: Inulin.

Reduces Sugar levels, Antiseptic, Anti-Bacterial, Diuretic, Increases the discharge of the Gall bladder`s fluid.

The Inula Plant also decreases blood pressure and stimulates the immune system.

Lemon Verbena – – a soothing plant who has a taste of a lemon.

Used in order to add flavor to the formula.

Lemon Grass – Rich with Anti-oxidants, a soothing plant who has a taste of a lemon, used in order to add flavor to the formula.


Eucalyptus – contains an Antiseptic active ingredient – Eucalyptol.

Known by his healing characteristic.

Reduces blood sugar levels.

Should not be used by Pregnant and Nursing Woman.

Gymnema Sylvestris – The most significant herb for treating Diabetes.

Reduces sugar levels in the blood.

This Plant has an ability to renew Lengrahans cells in the pancreas.

Stimulates pancreas insulin discharge from Beta cells, lowers appetite and desire for sweets.

The Gymnema Plant contains a mixture of Saponins which is called Gormerin.

This mixture is Polypeptides which contains 35% Amino Acid.

The stated above does not constitute a medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider with any question or concerns you have on your medical condition.  

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