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I have been using Nofar's "NASHIT" over the past two years.

I was looking for a natural product that would alleviate the side effects of perimenopause, and I was positively surprised.

Capsules of natural plants that definitely improved my quality of life and quality of night sleep, one capsule a day and the hot flashes are almost completely gone.

I highly recommend the product ‘NASHIT’ of Nufar Natural Products, for anyone who wishes to go through perimenopause calmly.

Another advantage: a blue-and-white [made in Israel] product

Osnat G.

(The full name is kept by Nufar company for confidentiality)


The stated above does not constitute a medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider with any question or concerns you have on your medical condition.  


For more information about NASHIT (‘Woman for ever’) click here

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