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January 18, 2012
For the attention of:
Nufar Natural Products

I purchased your product, Nufar Fibers, a week ago and I am very, very satisfied with it. It gave me a satisfied feeling, one could say almost immediately after the meal itself, and also I go around with a satisfied feeling for several hours afterwards.

In the past, I was always hungry without letup and really devoured everything. Since I have been using Nufar Fibers, I must admit that there has been a very, very significant improvement.

In the past I have tried several types of pills and patents, but Nufar Fibers really is a hit and very much recommended.
NB. I purchased this product in the Shkadia shop at 48 Jerusalem Boulevard in Ramat Gan.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Hila Modhav
Tel.: 052-6176767
14 Avraham Ben-David Street
Bnei Brak 51615

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