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Hamadex Drops

Hamadex Drops
Price : $14.99
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Hamadex Drops

Against Hemorrhoids!

For vein relief and varicose veins


Hamamelis, Vitis vinifera, Marronnier d`inde, Ginko Biloba.

Hamamelis: Contains tennin and plebinid, improves blood circulation, shrinks swollen blood vessels, strengthens arteries and veins.

Ginko: Includes plebinids and ginkogolides, improves blood circulation, strengthens arteries and veins.

Vitis Vinifera – Includes vitamin P, Tennin, Entozianim, and vitamin C, improves blood circulation, strengthens arteries and veins.

Marronnier D`inde: Improves blood circulation, strengthens arteries and veins, good for the treatment of haemorrhoids and varicose veins.

G.M.P. – Good Manufacturing Product, by ministry of health.

  • Natural components
  • No preservatives
  • No food colorings

Every 6th person in Israel suffers from hemorrhoids and from age 50+, 30% of the Israeli population suffers from hemorrhoids

Many of us who suffer from hemorrhoids are embarrassed to report it, to ask about it or to show any interest in this matter.

Hemorrhoids are blood vessels and veins in the region of the rectum whose task it is to seal off the large intestine. For certain reasons that we will go into below, hemorrhoids can develop and grow even to the point of protruding out. This situation causes bleeding, burning and pain.

The phenomenon of hemorrhoids is most prevalent in the western world owing to our lifestyle and to the nutrition characteristic in this region.

Hemorrhoids can occur for several reasons:

Constipation: A person suffering from constipation puts pressure on his abdomen at the time of bowel evacuation. This pressure disturbs correct blood flow, increases pressure in the veins, weakens the walls of the veins and is likely to cause hemorrhoids.

Age: The older we get, muscle strength and tone (the muscles’ natural tension) gradually decreases. This phenomenon is likely to cause hemorrhoids even to the point where they protrude outside the body.

A lack of physical activity: Physical activity is important for the correct flow of blood to all parts of the body. This creates vitality, strengthens the body’s organs and blood vessels and prevents hemorrhoids.

Other likely causes of hemorrhoids are obesity, lifting heavyweights, being seated for long periods of time which is characteristic of the western lifestyle, mental pressure, pregnancy, heredity and blood vessel drainage problems.

The treatment of hemorrhoids and their prevention: If a patient suffers from constipation, then the treatment of constipation can assist in preventing this problem. Therefore, it is recommended that much fruit, vegetables and grains rich in nutritional fibers be consumed, as well as drinking 9-12 glasses of water daily.

The Israeli company "Nufar" has developed a natural preparation called "Hamadex" as a natural solution for hemorrhoids.

"Hamadex" is a natural extract of medicinal herbs rich in tannins and flavonoids which shrinks the hemorrhoids, strengthens blood vessels, eases pain and relaxes you. The flavonoids act as an anti-inflammatory, they create a protective layer that helps in the process of healing and curing the damaged tissue.

"Hamadex" contains: A natural extract of medicinal herbs: calendula, Gingko biloba, raspberry leaves, flax and cypress.

Calendula: Constricts the blood vessels, is an anti-inflammatory, sterilizes and prevents pain.

Raspberry leaves: Strengthens the blood vessels, is rich in anti-oxidants, contains tannins. Tannins shrink the hemorrhoids and help them return to normal. They connect with proteins to create a thin membrane that protects the wounds and helps heal them. They also stop the bleeding. Tannins are anti-inflammatory and anti-viral.

Ginkgo biloba: Improves blood flow and thus helps the treatment of hemorrhoids and prevents their occurrence.

Use instructions: Drink 25 drops in a cup of water, 1-3 times daily.

Natural and without any preservatives or added coloring agents

"Hamadex"may be obtained in health shops and pharmacies around Israel.

For further details, please contact “Nufar Natural Products” on 08-9358135 or through the company’s website: www.Nufar.co.il

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