NUFAR Natural Products 
was established in 1995 as a company involved in the development, production and marketing of natural products to pharmacies, health food shops and naturopaths. 

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Price : $46
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Slimming without feeling hungry!

Each tablet contains:

200 mg Chromium picolinate, 100mg sea weed, Liquorice, Fennel, Papaya, Dandelion

The mixture of herbs and minerals is synergistic and ideal for weight reduction.

Picolimate Chromium – reduces the carbohydrates in the body and prevents them from turning into fat, reduces the urge for sweet foods.

Sea Weed - improves metabolism, contains traces elemeny of iodins (not recommended to people allergic to iodine).

Directions for use:

3 – 4 Tablets with meals, recommended 5 minutes before meals, with vegetable, 1 glass of water and another glass of water during meal.

G.M.P. – Good Manufacturing Product, by ministry of health.

  • Natural components
  • No preservatives
  • No food colorings


Hoodia’s testimonial

Hello, I discovered Chromax a year ago and I discovered the secret. I’ve tried a lot of diets. I was offered to try Chromax several times but I did not believe it would help. Eventually I decided to give it a try, and found out that it works. The craving for sweets and carbs has diminished.

Good luck,


Beer Sheva.



Fanya’s testimonial


Subject: Many Thanks to “Nufar” company

Hello, my name is Fanya Ardman, I am 55 years old, and I suffer from overweight.

I passed near the "Teva" shop in Nazareth Illit and saw an advertisement of "Raziti" tea + "Chromax" pills and decided to give it a try. In two months, I lost 7 kg, walking became much easier for me, and my mood has improved considerably since then, thank you very much!

I keep drinking the pills and the “Raziti” tea and in the meantime I lost another 1 kg - a total of 8 kg until today.


Ardman Fanya

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