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was established in 1995 as a company involved in the development, production and marketing of natural products to pharmacies, health food shops and naturopaths. 

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Raziti tea

Raziti tea
Price : $30
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Slimming without feeling hungry !

A new Israeli development to help you maintain your correct weight


January 21, 2010 was declared National Nutrition Day. Around the world, on this day, instruction and explanations were given by dietitians and nutrition experts on correct nutrition for us.


As we know, the western world suffers today from problems of overweight that have reached epidemic proportions, as well as deficient nutrition deriving from processed foods containing chemicals, preservatives and other flavoring and coloring materials.


In 1995, 200 million adults around the world suffered from obesity. Today, there are about 300 million of them. In other words, this number has risen by 50% over the last 15 years.


In such western countries as the United States and Great Britain, 2/3 of adults suffer from overweight.


Obesity increases the chances of such diseases as diabetes, heart disease and vascular disease.


In Israel, Israeli youth aged 13-15 are ranked in third place after the United States and Greece.


As a response to this world obesity epidemic, the Israeli company, Nufar, has developed a herbal tea called “Raziti” Tea.


“Raziti” Tea contains medicinal herbs that give us a feeling of satiation, reduce our feelings of hunger and the quantity of food we eat, which ultimately helps us lose weight.


How does it work?

The medicinal herbs in this new tea help the surplus sugars and carbohydrates in the blood enter the cells, which nourish them and give them the energy our bodies need.


When the body’s cells have been nourished with the food and energy they need, they send “full” signals to the brain, which stops the constant feeling of hunger. As a result of this, we eat smaller quantities and we gradually lose weight.
“Raziti” Tea also contains the herb Stevia and thus is naturally sweet and palatable without any sugar or calories.


Another important herb in “Raziti” Tea is Dandelion (Taraxacum) which improves the digestion process which also contributes to a decrease in weight.


“Raziti” Tea contains the following herbs: Stevia, medicinal dandelion, fennel, Gymnema Sylvestris, green tea, olive leaves, medicinal sage, eucalyptus and mint.


Recommended directions: 2-3 cups daily 5 minutes before each meal.


“Raziti” Tea is made of 100% natural herbs, without any artificial flavorings, colorings or preservatives of any kind.


Eliezer's testimonial

Dear “Nufar natural products”


The Subject: Thank You


My name is Zubera Eliezer, I live in Moshav Naham (near Beit Shemesh), I would like to express my satisfaction and thank you for marketing the "Raziti" tea.

"Raziti" tea helps me in weight maintenance, and after two years of using "Raziti" tea, I had no side effects, and of course I highly recommend it.


With respect and appreciation,


Eliezer Zubera

Karin's testimonial

Hello Nufar company

"Raziti tea" helps me in reducing the craving for sweets.

Thank you for existing.

Karin Freiman, Kfar Saba

Li's testimonial

Hello, my name is Li, I am 33 years old.

I drink “Raziti tea” 5 minutes before any meal, 3 glasses a day.

If you follow the instructions, the feeling of hunger disappears, and thus you eat less.

Even when tempted by sweets, I first drink “Raziti tea” and then the immediate feeling of hunger disappears.

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